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Huzzah! New Cardiac Optogenetics Paper is Published

We are extremely excited to share our new paper, published today in Front Physiol! Huge congratulations to 3rd-year PhD student Alex Ochs, B.S., M.S. as this is his inaugural first-author paper in the lab. Our paper is a milestone in computational cardiac optogenetics, as it is the first to explore the use of hyper-polarizing anion channelrhodopsins as the key modulator of electrical activity AND the first study to explore mechanisms (and limitations!) of light-based defibrillation in multiple atrial and ventricular models, all patient-specific.

Fig. 6 from our Front Physiol Paper
Fig 6 from our Front Physiol Paper

Thanks to our collaborators in the Trayanova Lab at Johns Hopkins University especially Dr. Thomas Karathanos, who served as co-lead author with Alex on this work.