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Farewell and Best of Luck to Amber!

In Mid-September, we celebrated (with mixed emotions, of course) the last day in the lab for our eminent AI specialist Amber Zih-Hua Chen, B.S., M.S.! We are sad to see Amber go, but we are delighted that she will be taking on an exciting new position in the Department of Bioinformatics at Roche Sequencing Solutions. By all accounts, this will be a fascinating and highly scientifically invigorating position. We have no doubt that Amber will absolutely thrive.

During her time in the lab, Amber made enormous contributions two three major projects, all as part of our emerging interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The most noteworthy of these is our award-winning work on using deep learning analysis of intake ECGs from COVID-19 patients to predict mortality and morbidity. Ultimately, this ended up being the subject of her thesis:

Amber's thesis
Amber’s thesis

Congratulations Amber! We wish you a long and successful career working as a bioengineer!