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UW Engineering News Story About Pat and his Dad

The team at UW Engineering News, led by the amazing Chelsea Yates, has published a touching new article that tells the story of a very scary experience Pat had with the health of his Dad (Mike Boyle) in fall of 2022. This changed the way we think about our research on AFib and stroke, making it all feel a lot more personal for Pat!

We all feel very fortunate to work with world leaders at UW in this area who have helped the CardSS Lab work towards innovative new solutions for patients afflicted with health scares like the one Mike suffered! We hope our sharing of this story in the community will help other families afflicted with such illnesses to better understand what is happening to their loved one, and to know we are working extremely hard to find better ways to predict, characterize, and treat conditions like AFib and stroke.

Here is a nice photo of the lab that was taken as part of the PR Blitz but didn’t make it into the article:

Lab Photo, February 3rd, 2023
Row 1: Matt, Pat, Nico; Row 2: Chelsea, Sanika, Izzy, Jamie; Row 3 (seated): Savannah, Alex. Photo by Mark Stone / UW

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