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New CardSS Lab Research Published in JCE

We are extremely proud to kick off 2023 by sharing news of a new article from our lab, published just a few days ago! The article is entitled “Elevated fibrosis burden as assessed by MRI predicts cryoballoon ablation failure”. This work is the product of our long-standing collaboration with Dr. Nazem Akoum’s team in UW Cardiac EP.

Visual abstract from paper by Boyle et al. (doi: 10.1111/jce.15791)
Visual abstract from paper by Boyle et al.

This was one of the first projects we began working after the founding of the CardSS Lab and it has been a long road to get it in print. HUGE thank you to all of the contributors.

I wanted to let you know our article is published online as of today. Thank you all for your contributions to this work, especially to the CardSS Lab trainees who were involved – Kirsten Kwan, Griffin Scott, Farzana Mohamedali, Carter Anderson, and Savannah Bifulco.

Here is the public-facing link for the article (paywalled; sorry, no open-access version available yet!)

Here is the UW library link (requires UWID login).

Very excitingly, our article was published with a companion editorial by Dr. Axel Loewe and Dr. Amir Jadidi!