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Jamie Yang is a Levinson Scholar!

We are absolutely delighted to share that Jamie Yang has been selected for an extremely prestigious 2022-23 Levinson Emerging Scholars Award!

Schematic showing the concept of spontaneous action potential generation in a computational model of hPSC-CM engraftment.

This aware will help support Jamie’s exciting research, conducted in partnership with her graduate mentor PhD candidate Alex Ochs. Her work uses simulations to explore the feasibility of using optogenetic tools to control the incidence of engraftment arrhythmia following injection of hPSC-CM to re-muscularize infarcted human hearts.

Among other things, the award will provide a supplies budget that will be used to purchase a super-powerful workstation that Jamie will use for her research! Since she secured the funds, she gets to choose the computer’s name 🙂

Jamie's new computer, in boxes and awaiting assembly.
Jamie’s new PC has arrived, and is sitting in boxes waiting to be assembled and setup. Its name will be Yuh-hai-has-kun!