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Alex Ochs is an ISCRM Fellow!

Alex Ochs
Congratulations, Mr. Fellowship Winner!

We are extremely proud to announce that Alex Ochs has been named as an ISCRM Fellow for the 2022-23 academic year! Alex’s research proposal was entitled “Efficacy of Subthreshold Optogenetic Stimulation for Suppressing Engraftment Arrhythmias: An In Silico Evaluation”. He will use sophisticated computational models to explore whether cutting-edge optogenetic tools could be used to suppress engraftment arrhythmia, a lethal side-effect of cardiac regenerative therapy.

Alex's poster
Alex presented his work at the 2022 ISCRM symposium earlier this month

Alex is one of seven fellows in this year’s cohort, having been selected from a pool of 41 extraordinary applicants! Wow!

Congratulations Alex! We are so proud of you.