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Our “Rising Star” at Cascadia 4.0!

Chelsea, delivering her "Rising Star" Lecture at the Cascadia 4.0 Symposium in Seattle
Chelsea, delivering her “Rising Star” Lecture at the Cascadia 4.0 Symposium in Seattle


Congratulations to our PhD student Chelsea Gibbs who was one of four students selected to give a Rising Star talk at the 2022 BC Regenerative Medicine Cascadia Corridor Research Symposium (a.k.a. Cascadia 4.0)!! The title of her talk was “Changes in Graft-Host Coupling Can Lead to Engraftment Arrhythmia: A Computational Study.” This research was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Chuck Murry’s group at UW, and helps advance understanding of engraftment-related arrhythmia following the implantation of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.

We are extremely proud of you Chelsea! Keep up the great work!