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CardSS Lab Research Available for Online Viewing at #AHA2021!!

The CardSS Lab is well represented at this year’s Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, happening this weekend all-online! We have four presentations to highlight, which should be available to anyone registered for the meeting:

  1. Pat has an on-demand lecture (fast-forward to 7m10s if you don’t want to watch the whole session), entitled “Computationally Guided Personalized Targeting of Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation”. This is an overview of Pat’s 2019 Nature BME paper, which was a huge milestone of his time in Prof. Natalia Trayaonva’s lab at Johns Hopkins.
  2. 4th-year PhD candidate Savannah Bifulco has an e-poster, which should also be available on-demand, entitled “Ablation of Persistent AFib Abolishes Fibrotic Substrate for Rotors Perpetuation but Creates Substrate for Macro-Reentrant Flutter”. This is our first presentation of exciting results from a new collaboration with Dr. Nazem Akoum, focusing on models reconstructed from MRI scans of atrial fibrillation patients, both pre- and post-ablation. This work is funded by a pilot award from UW ITHS! Excitingly, as part of the same project …
  3. Dr. Fima Macheret also has an e-Poster, entitled “Modulation of Fibrosis Arrhythmogenicity Improves the Accuracy of Patient-Specific Computational Modeling in Persistent AFib”. These are two very exciting presentations by extremely talented trainees! Please check them out!
  4. Finally, we have brand new work led by Dr. Akoum and being presented in a virtual moderated poster session by Dr. Bahareh Askari-Atapour: “Epicardial Adipose Tissue Around the Left Atrium is Associated With Atrial Fibrosis in Patients With AFib”. This is a cool story, with more to come soon!

Please let us know if you have any questions about this ongoing work!