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Neha Arunkumar, B.S. (expected)

Neha is an undergraduate freshman intending to study bioengineering in the following years. She is passionate about the cardiovascular field and is excited to delve deeper into the subject as a member of the CardSS Lab. She is also a member of HuskyADAPT, where she works with her team to create an accessible playing card dispensing mechanism.

Outside of her studies, she enjoys hiking, travelling, and learning new languages.


B.S.: Engineering Undeclared, University of Washington, 2026 (expected)

Stephanie Osorio-Tristan, B.S. (expected)

Stephanie is an undergraduate in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. She joined the CardSS Lab looking to explore the intersection of computer science and biology. She is currently helping continue previous MS student Amber Chen‘s work on a convolutional neural network to predict onset of ventricular tachycardia.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys crocheting, weightlifting, and playing guitar.


B.S.: Computer Engineering, University of Washington, 2024 (expected)

Nicolas Longhi, B.S. (expected)

Nicolas is an undergraduate student in the UW Department of Bioengineering. He is interested in applying computational tools to iPSC research and regenerative cardiac therapies. Outside of his studies, Nicolas spends his time reading about history and playing video games.


B.S.: Bioengineering, University of Washington, 2024 (expected)

Sanika Joshi, B.S. (expected)

Sanika is an undergraduate junior studying Bioengineering with an option in Data Science at the University of Washington. She joined the CardSS Lab in her sophomore year, and worked with former Master’s Student Amber Chen to develop a machine learning algorithm using convolutional neural networks to predict VT onset in a patient with single-lead EKG data. Through her experiences at the lab and other courses at the UW, her passion for the computational biomedical field has grown and she hopes to continue this path in the future. In her free time, Sanika enjoys singing, playing the piano, playing badminton, and painting. In addition to being the current captain of UW Awaaz, the South Asian fusion A Cappella team on campus, she hopes to keep music as an intrinsic part of her life even after graduation.


B.S., Bioengineering, University of Washington, 2023 (expected)

Jamie Yang, B.S. (expected)

Jamie is an undergraduate student in the UW Department of Bioengineering. She is from Victoria, BC, Canada, and is passionate about combining technology and medicine to treat cardiovascular diseases. Outside of her studies, Jamie enjoys badminton, golf, travelling, and music.

Jamie has already earned multiple accolades during her time in the CardSS Lab, including a Mary Gates Research Scholarship and a Levinson Emerging Scholars Award!


B.S.: Bioengineering, University of Washington, 2024 (expected)

Issac Kim, B.S. (expected), B.A. (intended)

Issac Kim is an undergraduate student in the UW College of Engineering: Bioengineering department. Her deep interest lies at the intersection of cardiac engineering in relation to regenerative medicine and health care accessibility. In achieving new heights in the field of biomedicine and health care, Issac hopes to attend medical school for cardiology after her undergraduate studies in Bioengineering and Social Welfare.

Outside of her studies, Issac enjoys rock climbing, aerial yoga, and hiking the Pacific Northwest. And occasionally, she explores the sand dunes and canyons around the U.S with her 16 lb backpack and two cats!


B.S.: Bioengineering, University of Washington, 2024 (expected)
B.A.: Social Welfare (intended), University of Washington, 2021 (expected)