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Nahom Worku, BSc, MSc, MSc, MSc (expected)

Master's Level Trainees

Master’s-level research for credit student

Nahom Worku is a current MS student of Applied and Computational Mathematics at the University of Washington working on the development of an Artificial Intelligence model for detecting Cardiomyopathy of childhood cancer survivors. Nahom has earned his BSc in Civil Engineering from Addis Ababa University, a Master’s in Computational Science with a final project focusing on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat transfer, a Master’s from the University of Washington in Health Metrics Sciences with a capstone project on benchmarking optimization analysis on comparing inefficiencies across location year of African countries to reduce Under-five mortality. Nahom is also working on a Robust method for benchmarking Python tool that robustly handles Heteroskedastic standard errors to outliers named Stochastic Frontier Meta-Analysis. Nahom has participated in authoring different publications in the areas of Health Metrics and Computational Fluid Mechanics research.

MSc. In Applied and Computational Mathematics: expected June 2024
MSc in Health Metrics Sciences
MSc in Computational Sciences
BSc in Civil Engineering